Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UNICEF campaign



Child abuse occurs in every country, across every culture and community. It happens at all levels of society - in poor homes as well as the affluent, in rural homes and those in urban areas. It does not matter from which background a child comes, the impact of abuse could devastate any child, anywhere.

As a Campaigner for Children, there are three vital actions you can take during your journey to end child abuse:

1. LEARN: Visit the campaign website to learn more about what you can do individually and within your community to prevent child abuse.
2. ACT: Always stay alert for children and report suspected child abuse by calling 15999. Here are suggestions of what you can do when faced with situations of child abuse.
3. SHARE: Use the resources available here to start conversations among your friends and family and to shape a new culture where each of us is prepared to stand up for children.
4. SUPPORT: A broad Study to fully understand the scope and severity of child abuse in Malaysia will require substantial UNICEF support. Your donation can help us to better understand the plight of abused children and reach out to help.

Let us come together and unite against abuse. This is not about charity, it is about taking responsibility.
You are a catalyst for positive change for children, family and society at large. The smallest contribution and action can make a big difference in a child's life - even if it is just a Tweet or a Facebook update.

United against abuse,

PS. Don't forget to design your personalised hand if you have not done so already!

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